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High Five for Friday

Friday, May 16, 2014

 It's actually Friday for me! Welcome, normal work week!
This week's highs were
1. An encouraging, exciting first week at the new job. What is this new job I haven't divulged about? I'll be a tutor at an incredible company called Lindamood-Bell. I've never been one to see myself staying at the same job my whole life or even the same company... I got the feeling I could with this place on the first day of training. Amazing staff, great theories, positive attitude, research-based, and it's all over the states and growing. Pretty dang pumped about this job and the company. 

2. Getting back on the healthy train. I rode my bike and ran for the last three days and started this morning off with a ride. 

3. Cleaning out my closet and stowing away those winter clothes! Bring it on, Summer!

4. Conversations with Pa and Grandma on the phone. I dunno why in the world I don't call them more. 

5. The exciting, love-filled farewell with one of my clients the other day. I rushed over to Daniel before work on Wednesday when I found out her discharge date was moved up and got the biggest, excited hug. 

6. Oh and soaking up this view after one of my runs this week. High Six today. 

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