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Open-Mic, Elephants, and Polish Birthdays

Monday, February 25, 2013

            Last Wednesday, Sune and I went to an awesome open mic at Drop In for him to meet a girl he might sing with. There were so many great bands and it was awesome seeing him play... He's so good! And so cute. And I'm not biased at all! ;)  Some guy kept telling me how hott and amazing Sune was. I obviously agreed.
            Lisa, the girl Sune was meeting to play with, was a really cool character. She was so nice and just very unique. We both said how she was "just an interesting human." A good singer too. She has a cool, blues style, with lots of attitude during her song. She had a pretty interesting story too... She's from Vermont/New York, lived in China for 9 months and then moved here with her Danish boyfriend. 
          I got to meet Sys Bjerre too! I pointed her out to Sune because she had pink hair like Maria's and he said "that's Sys Bjerre... She's famous." Now, Sys Bjerre was my first and still favorite singer after moving here, so I didn't believe him for a while. I finally got the nerve to go talk to her though. She was surprised either that I knew who she was or that I was a big fan. Apparently there were a couple other famous guy musicians there, one which came and talked to me that was supposedly in a rock band in the 90's or something. 
            Ah it was just such a nice night... great music, meeting my favorite singer, seeing Sune play... and Sune and I were both extra lovey. It was so nice. We tried to watch Dark Knight Rises before my early train but I opted for cuddles and (2 hours of) sleep. Followed by chilling on the steps outside my house for an hour because I forgot my keys... If I kept up with my Mishaps, this post would be huge. 

   Here's one of Sys Bjerre's songs!

This weekend continued to be a good one. 
Friday night, I took Eugene legit Scottish whisky for his very late Christmas present/bet winnings. 
Met up with Maria here and caught up after being gone for our travels
Sune came out too for a fun now out. 
We left to go find Hornsleth Bar, a bar decorated by a very interest, explicit artist. It was too long of a line though so we just headed home. 
        Saturday started out with lazy card games, a long search for a bike key that ended up being in my pocket, good food at the Glass Market, and strategic planning on a napkin our plan of attack to fit three parties into one night. 
We also cycled over to see the elephants at the zoo! (You can see them from the park by the zoo without actually going in) Well, usually... They must've been in for dinner or something so we just personified the ducks and the drama that was going on with them and their love lives. That was funny too. 
We decided on splitting up at the start of the night and meeting up later. So Maria, Thomas and I headed to Ewelina's birthday party. 
Wine, beer, and some ridiculous "fine export Polish vodka" took its brutal toll
and Maria, Thomas, and I took a taxi home. Tak igen for det, venner! 
It was still a great time and was great seeing these friends it'd been way too long .
 Didn't make it to either of the other two parties though.
As I was about to give up, halfway up the four flights of stairs, my sweet boy asked if I wanted a piece of gum...
"You wanna a piece of me?!" I replied laughing. Those stairs can be rough. 

            On Sunday, I surprisingly woke up at 9:30 feeling great. I don't know how that happens. But I started a movie, passed out again, then woke up for an epic breakfast. We didn't do much this day besides lounge around watching silly music videos like this and this, and starting watching The Jerk again before MIT (new slang for Maria, Thomas, and I) went to retrieve our bikes from Ewelina's. Then Sune had family time, M&T had lazy time, and my phone was dead so I went home for lazy time.
 Sjov gange. :)

On our search for the elephants. Could he be more beautiful?!
 Here's some of Sune's songs too! :)



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