Wonderful Words

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some of the wonderful, strange, and effective words learned from my travels...

Shattered: extremely tired
Knackered: Ditto
Rubbish: crappy; trash. Ex. Beastie Boys are so rubbish. (Or) My iPhones always wind up being such rubbish. 
Wee: little (of course) I'm just a wee bit excited about coming home. 
Ace: really cool. Ex. Copenhagen is really ace. 
Proper: appropriate; authentic; legit; really. Ex. That was a proper Danish dance. (Or) I'm proper shattered. 
Jobby: poop! Ex? Not sure how it'd be used... 
Knob: a crappy dude. Ex. Thomas Barrow is no longer a knob.



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