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Sunny Scotland

Sunday, February 17, 2013

          Making my way back home after three great days in Scotland. On Thursday, David and I did a tour of Edinburgh which was really nice. We met up with two of his friends for lunch there, and I had cullen skink, a traditional Scotish dish... a potato soup with fish basically. Was really good. This was our super touristy day, doing a bus tour where we learned about the "horrible histories" of Edinburgh which mostly consisted of executions, then we toured The Real Mary King's Close. This is an underground street that resulted from the building of the "new town." When they built the new town, they just built it right on top of the old one. They often kept plague victims down there. Edinburgh was a really unique city, with the castle right in the middle of the city.
          That night, we headed back to Glasgow to meet a lot of his friends out for a couple drinks before heading to an Indian restaurant. I come to Scotland and get Indian food two nights in a row... Haha it was really good though and the company was even better. Everyone was so interesting and unique. There were people from England, Ireland, and Scotland and all so funny in their unique ways too; there was Leo, an Irishman whose "forte was bad jokes," Ross, a lively Scot, who was described as a socialite with ADHD, Tina with an awesome, eccentric personality and great stories, reminding me of Jeanetta, Ian, an Englishman with a wildman persona, and David with his spot on sarcasm. They were all part of a BBC show, Waterloo Road, so I'm definitely going to have to check it out soon. Dave and I went back early as we were shattered from the long day. 
             As most of them said, Friday was "the most Scottish day they'd had in a long time." David and three of his friends, Leo, Ross, and Charlotte, and I packed into the car and drove to the mountains. We drove by Loch Lomond (a lake near Glasgow), Luss (a cute little town by the lake with incredible mountain views... And tablet that I had to try which is like praline), and Odan, our last stop that was another picturesque little town where we had lunch. We had lots of theatrical singing of musical songs, the accent game ending in the whole car just being super impressed with Charlottes's posh, English accent, and learning lots of random facts from Leo, like Jimi writing a song about his girlfriend drinking Jagger's blood and many more trivia facts. We also learned all about everything
that started/was invented in Scotland... Basically everything. It was an unbelievably beautiful drive through the highlands of Scotland, with cool people, good humor, and great roadtripping music thanks to Ross. We even got to see a highland cow!
            After a long day of driving, we made it back to Glasgow around 7 and were off to the céilidh shortly after. I nearly thought about missing it since I was so tired and the long, early travel day ahead seemed daunting, but luckily I talked myself out of missing out on something so cool. I figured that'd be crazy to miss Scotland's traditional Scottish dance while in Scotland. After dinner where I tried some haggis, and wasn't a huge fan, we went to Sloans, a bar that Maria had told me about that has céilidhs every Friday. It was such a good time. We only stayed for a couple dances because David needed to rest his leg, and I needed rest for my flight. I'm so glad we went though. The dances were so fun and it was just a really good laugh. 
              Oh and the weather was surprisingly amazing in Scotland! Super blue, sunny skies and not so cold. Glasgow had a pretty serious reputation about being a really tough n rough town that just cusses, fights, and drinks all the time, but I think not! I really liked it. Granted I did tend to go for the "bad boys" in school, but I think this city deserves more glory. Everyone I met was wonderful and the city was super unique, interesting, and filled with cool history. The bars and area we went one night were great too with pretty little cobblestone paths lit by cute lights. Very cozy. 
                                And now I'm on the plane, making my way back to the lovely CPH!

   And a special thanks to... 
Kelli and David. I'm beyond grateful to both of you for being such great hosts and guides for me. It's crazy to think too, that I'd only really seen David for like two days before going to visit him in Scotland. It felt like we'd been good friends for a while! He was really worried about me not having a good time since he wasn't so mobile but it was a great time anyway! 
 Thanks to all of their friends too that were so nice and fun, making the trip a good one, with a special thanks to Leo for driving me to the airport and Charlotte for driving us all around Scotland! 
 Tusind tak, alle! 

See you soon Copenhagen! :)
Some awesome pictures of the roadtrip thanks to Leo!
The whole roadtripping crew... Ross, David, me, Charlotte and Leo 

The castle used in the Downton Abbey Christmas special!
Photo credit: Tina Hicks :)



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