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High Five for MONDAY

Monday, March 3, 2014

Forget the case of the Mondays. This Monday was AWESOME. 

1. It started off with a memorable visit from Dad. We biked to lunch, cruised around, enjoyed the ocean view from a (closed) rooftop bar, and learned some of dad's tricks on the guitar. Great father-daughter time. 
2. I officially started my online TESOL class. Woop woop!

3. Then read on the beach in the perfect weather. 

4. And did a yoga class that seriously kicked my butt. 30 days unlimited yoga? Bring it on! 

5. Then I was rewarded with some nice recouping time before biking home (necessary to avoid fainting or crashing) outside a cafe in the cool air, and got to skype with that cute boy across the pond... Awesome night to end this lovely day. 

Oh and this happened. 
Can someone lend me their normal cat for a day or two to teach this goofball some things? 

I hope everyone else had a great Monday too! 



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