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High Five for Friday

Saturday, March 29, 2014

So I'm a day late but here are my highlights from this week... 

1. Being left with so much inspiration, motivation and dreams after finishing Paris Letters. Stocked up on my art supplies, made my list of strategies to save money, and "decided to start living the life I imagined," from the words of Wordle Myrtle Leslie. (Check her out. She's awesome. And maybe she'll start writing more if she gets more views and people pestering her. Readyyy GO!)    
2. Getting my feet running on the sand again.
3. The ab-working, eyes-tearing laughing session my coworkers and I had last night. We went from talking about our dreams and aspirations to hookers on houseboats (me referring to this Netherlands story), to me thanking Daniel for improving my odds keeping me off the streets. Daniel... "Improving the odds for kids... And staff." 
4. Roomie and my trilingual/Spanglish/Danglish conversations during our afternoon bike ride. Practicing pick up lines like "du har en flot røv. Ring til mig?" with a Chinese accent had me laughing quite a bit.

5. Taking the kiddos at work to Memorial Park. I was beyond excited to see the previously drama and anger-filled group of girls getting along and smiling. The blooming flowers and petable puppies made the day even better. I don't know if it's just me, but for some reason I find a lot of amazement in days like today that start out so rainy, gray, and gloomy and turn into beautiful masterpieces like this. Does this transformation make anyone else just feel like anything can happen?
I hope everyone had a great week and a weekend full of growth, inspiration, and contentment! 

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