Sunday, March 10, 2013

 I absolutely, incredibly, completely, will never get over how much I'm amazed by a starry sky. It's just unreal. 

I hate being so stinking impatient. 

I do love solo exploring days
Checked off two places on my list today... Soupanatural, a cute, organic soup place, and Madhatter's Bubble Tea Emporium. Both awesome. The city was so dead today though. Hoped to see my favorite buskers too but they weren't even out. :( Too cold and windy I suppose. 

I love hearing people's awesome stories from their lives. 
Ie, Francois (sp?), an older Frenchman, that I (officially) met in Charlie's today. (Yep, wound up there again... Sunday afternoons there, after a bit of exploring can always be nice). 
Francois had me intrigued, first with his story about moving to Denmark beginning with "prison," then with his very interesting traveling stories. So, his move to Denmark came about when he escaped French prison for leaving the army, went back five years later when he was supposed to have amnesty, was still forced back into the army anyway, got back out after 3 weeks after they realized it might be better to let him out, then came back to Denmark. It had won his heart like so many others. 
Then I became totally hooked by his traveling stories. At 19, he hitchhiked all through the States and Canada in 1975 for 6 months, then 3 months in '78. I was so entertained by his stories, and he actually wrote about his experiences everyday on his travels. I really wish I could get them translated so I could read them! I can't even imagine how amazing they would be. From the brief time I had with him, I heard snippets about him sleeping in the Nevada desert, sleeping on park benches, having some very sketchy hitchhiking experiences, trouble with border control, untold stories about the ladies, and so much more. I'd love to have those stories.
Cool day. 
Lastly, I do love being a dreamer. 
As much as people say to be practical, logical, down to earth, yada yada, I love making these crazy "plans" and dreams for my life. Even when it can sometimes/often/usually go much differently than planned, I do love the feeling and excitement of such lovely dreams and exciting plans. And when it does go differently, yeah, it can be disappointing for a moment, but something new and good always seems to come along. 

"Sometimes, on the way to a dream, you get lost and find another one."



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