Sweet Impracticalities... Fleamarket Finds

Sunday, March 10, 2013

       Jen, Maria, and I went to a fleamarket yesterday in Enghave. It was a way bigger deal than I expected... Lines all the way out the door, then continuing inside to a HUGE building filled with awesome stuff.
     I went with no intentions of buying anything... I wound up with plates... PLATES... When I'm moving to another country in three months. But they were the most beautiful plates I've ever seen... I had to. 
    Plus this mini elephant statue for my future shelves filled with cool things (like this elephant), this little elephant pouch which I'll surely find a use for, this grandma necklace and earrings, this dude sweater, and some super cool, comfy, flowery, hippie pants (not pictured... Maybe later.) 
None practical. 
All worth it. 
I was really tempted to get this awesome old Tuborg beer can, buut I resisted. Improvement?
"Tuborg. Every time." 



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