Mishap of the Day

Friday, March 1, 2013

Since it's a pain to go back and edit the old Mishaps post, both for me to edit and you to know when it's updated, I'll now just add "Mishaps of the day/weekend/week/whatever." 
It'll be like a cool new category for my blog! (Hopefully read with nerdy sarcasm). If only I knew how to do the cool organization making it look legit. Maybe one day. 

But anyway...
My blooper for today that I felt was blog worthy?
After cycling to the doctor to discuss my leg injury, I was ready to leave when I realized I left my bike key at home! Gah! 
To cut out all the options that went through my head, I opted for walking home, switching off from suspiciously carrying this bike down the road, to pushing it awkwardly while holding the back wheel up, then switching sides to give my arms a rest. Was probably quite a spectacle. 

I always wondered what people would do if they saw someone potentially stealing a bike (someone carrying a bike in the way I was would be a good sign)... But now I know the bike thief would probably be ok. 

So that's that. 

Ah, and happy 1st or March, friends, fam, and random readers! 

Is that me?! 



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