Weekend Highlights

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

 1. A fun trip to the zoo with Sune on my Friday off. 
2. Rambling around town checking out antique stores, Indian food, and asking the planetarium if they had "live stars." 
3. Trying to get a hyper Sune's energy out at the parks nearby on Saturday morning. 
4. A fun night out with Maria, Megan and Molly at Mexi Bar and Francis Pony Saturday night. 
5. A great St. Patrick's Day at Charlie's where Ewelina, Marco (happy as ever), Megan, Molly, Marc, (so many M's!) Eugene, and other cool people came and 
6. Seeing Sune play. :) So amazed by him. 
7. Morten's song lyric changes. Especially to Bieber. 
8. Making a bond with random guy on the train ride home with deep conversations and even a hug goodbye. Haha
Oh, life. 


(Stolen from Ewelina )



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