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USA for the win!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Yesterday morning, I woke up and decided,
"I think I should just go to the soccer game today." 
I'd talked about going with a couple friends but they opted out so we just planned to watch the game at home. I started feeling silly to miss something like this, and realized it is possible for me to go by myself. So I bought the tickets and was ready for the adventure. 
Fortunately, I got to tailgate with Dana and Martin which was great. We ate delicious barbeque at Mojos first. Barbeque! America! 
When we got to the game, we went our separate ways. Instead of going to my seat, I stayed in the Bud Light Zone and met up with these crazies!
Mac and Kelly Dill. Love these two. 

Unlike most sporting events, where I try to pay attention, then turn away for one second and miss an exciting play or goal, I had perfect timing at this one. I looked at the perfect moment to catch the two goals USA made. 

I never even made it to my seat. 

One realization I came to while scanning the crowd of American flag overalls, pants, and ridiculous outfits, was that 
"I wouldn't necessarily say I'm proud of America, but I can now I can, at least, appreciate the humor in our country." 
That's something right? 

Definitely glad I actually went to the game. Great experience. 



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