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My Next Christmas List

Thursday, June 5, 2014

AKA things I hate spending money on. So forget the bike and kayak and fun gifts. Those things would be exciting to buy myself. This Christmas, I'll be asking for theses items...
$15 for razors?! For a societal norm I don't even believe in/flat-out hate?! Just spit in my face why dontcha?
 It's bad enough the reason for these darn things, much less having to fork out money on it. Probably my least favorite purchase ever actually.
I do love me a sexy 5 for $25 $26 Victoria Secret deal, but it still hurts to splurge that much on something so tiny. 
 Much like some sexy underwear, I do enjoy a nice swimsuit. The initial debating though, comparing the importance of a swimsuit to say work clothes or other necessities, is a tough one. Living at the beach now, I think I'll soon bite the bullet and invest in a new one. Especially when my choices are one I got at 16 years old and others that just fall off with each step I take or each football I catch.
Coffee cards. 
 Clearly I don't hate buying coffee, but I do feel much less guilty splurging on a large caramel macchiato if it's on a gift card. 
Shampoo and any other hygiene things. 
 I'll use a tube of toothpaste til I can't roll it anymore, makeup til the pad is torn and the powder's no longer salvageable, and mascara til it simply darkens no more.   
Paper towels and toilet paper.
20 BUCKS for paper we wipe dirty parts with? Get outa here. 

What kinds of things are on your alternative/practical Christmas list, readers?!



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