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Things I Learned This Weekend

Sunday, June 15, 2014

1. Throwing away pictures quickly turns into hours of laughing at old selves and bringing back so many memories. High school friends and I have often wondered what we did in high school since we weren't the typical partying teens. After this picture raid, I realized... we took pictures. In dressing rooms, walmart, cars, kitchen islands... 
2. My parents are awesome. I didn't learn this this weekend but it was definitely reinforced. They are just such dedicated, good people. We're also surrounded by some amazingly supportive friends. 
3. My dad is so cool. I mean really...
Cool guy on the right... Can he get any more awesome? Not to mention that crazy guy on the left, aka Uncle Dennis. I never did get a straight answer about whether he dressed like that on the reg or not. So was that a regular occurrence, Dennis?! ;)
4. Sleepy babies are one of the sweetest things to see. 
5. Having adult conversations with toddlers is so amusing to me. Brooks and I discussed how he needs a dog.. the same color as his hair (ginger), wants to play a violin when he gets bigger, all foods are favorite, and Denmark should be my next move. 
6. I cannot wait to have my own kids and give them completely bonkers information and stories. This is also not something I just learned but just reminded of. "Don't push all those buttons on the printer, Brooks. It might send the president the wrong message and we could get in trouble. We don't want that." "No! We don't!"
7. At my baby shower, this will be one of the games I request. Share some funny and/or helpful lies I can tell my offspring. 
8. I also love teaching kids new tricks. Roll-over, handstands, yoga. You name it.  
9. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is being added to my To Do List on those bad days. It's so relateable! 
10. Alexander's I'm Not (and I mean it) Going to Move made me cry. The Alexander series is basically my new favorite. 
11. You know it's your girl time when a World Cup promo video makes you cry. 
12. I am getting to that weird, "man I feel old" stage tha I always thought was weird hearing the twenty-something's say when I was a kid. Seeing these "kids" from church or my own baby cousins driving and having babies is nuts. 
13. Feeding a needy man makes my heart happy. 
14. Hot tubs are way more fun when they're being hopped. Especially with my two funniest dude friends. 
15. I'm blessed with one heck of an amazing dad. Last year we were spending Father's Day in Germany. This year we spent it opening his new store and celebrating this big adventure. Happy Father's Day, Papa! 
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