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My Artsy Sunday

Sunday, June 29, 2014

In recap of this wonderfully refreshing, inspiration filled day, 
I started off with journaling. This was definitely the turn around after a discontent, reminiscing night last night. I went from thinking about my next move, with CPH on my mind, and plans to research my move today. But after journaling, I just crossed that off my list and focused on today.  
Off I went on Hendrix (after paying more to fix him yesterday than I did to buy him) to do some "research" at Bookmark, a bookstore in Neptune Beach, just down the road. This research consisted of finding some awesome children's books that sparked some ideas for my own books that I'm super excited about. 

With ideas a brewin', I went on over to Lillie's for some brainstorming and poetry, and met an interesting dude sketching a Zombie Bieber. I also got to FaceTime with Chris, Mom, and sweet Adaleigh and talked about some of my ideas. 

With a hungry belly, I came on home for a delicious smoothie, and continued my arts-inspired day with some harmonica, guitar, calligraphy, and more poetry. I attempted some more watercolor this evening, but am struggling the most with this art form.      
I finished my night with a dip in the sea and reading The Rum Diary with toes in the sand. Perfectly appropriate. 

Dana and Martin's simple question and my pathetic response about how often I actually swim in the ocean and even go to the beach a week, has changed my days. 



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