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Super Tinders

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Guess what guys! I have this exciting, entertaining, funny, ridiculous story aaand... I can't share it due to this silly thing called privacy. SUCKS, huh? I'm just as bummed, or probably more bummed about it than you. 

Well wait. I was gonna leave this post as a super tease and assurance I'm still living crazy stories, but maybe I'll just start writing and see how I might go about telling this one. 

It started one super boring night in, when I decided to add this ridiculous app called Tinder. If ya don't know it, you basically flip through pictures of people in your area and like em or don't. If they happen to like you too, it lets you talk to each other.

I told friend Leslie about it the next day and we got a kick out of how silly it is. But she signed up too and we were pretty amused. We got a couple good convos going and even more crash and burn ones... We saw how quickly you can tell if you "vibe" or not. 

So, the next day, Les and I started the day off great with some wine and chilling on the beach. Our tinder dudes were up to meet us but we weren't so sure at first. My Super Tinder Dude invited us to come play/watch him play beach volleyball nearby. We eventually said, "why the heck not?" and headed  over there. (Roomie later sent me a picture of his chairs that we forgot on the beach and the wine bottles in the apartment. Woops)

We sarcastically joked about the possibility of our guys working together because they both coached kids' soccer. Throw in that mine coaches kids with Down syndrome and other disabilities, is a special needs teacher, runs ultra races, had a documentary made about him running across Pennsylvania, and plays guitar, and you've got two swooning girls watching this beautiful person play volleyball. So we just watched in amazement before heading to Lemon Bar to meet her Tinder Flame and invited mine to join us after his games. 

So we headed on over, met two crazy, old foreign men who were a serious trip, and met her guy who also seemed pretty sane for someone you'd meet online. Remember the "more detes" I was hoping to give about "super new tinder friend, Gordon" I mentioned here? These are them. He's the lucky guy Les "swiped to the right" and met up with one crazy Sunday afternoon. 

Mine did come out later, and we found out they do work together! Two girls start a ridiculous app, "like" two boys, they happen to like them too, they actually meet up, and they work together. I still don't know how that's possible. 

Also Leslie knew one of Gordon's friends! Small freaking world. 

So the rest of the night added to my "risky behaviors/decisions" with us hanging out back at Leslie's Tinder Flame's house. Basically it was just one entertaining, crazy, fun night. We lucked out, to say the least, with our first (and probably only) experiences with Tinder guys, with these cool, non-serial killer fellas. 

Obvi I got the clear to disclose names in this story. So you're welcome! Stay tuned to see if my Super Tinder's name will be disclosed.



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