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Imagination Land

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

At work the other day, I found so much amusement in a Trip to Imagination Land that I took with the youngest girls in the group. They wanted to play Wii sport but I'm not a fan of this game where you win by cheating and don't even do the real motions of the sport. So I said we'd play pretend sports instead. Killer serves, fly balls, home runs, and human bowling pins crashing down and injuring bums ensued. Way better than the silly, just rotate your wrist and get a winning tennis shot nonsense. 

This quickly turned into one of the girls going all in on this imagination game. It was like it just lit this excited fire in her brain. She began to scan our bodies with a wii remote to check us in for our roller coaster ride that would be followed by a merry-go-round, where our animals would rise up, grow wings and fly us around... And it would be a 24 hour ride! Naturally I asked if we were getting fed on this ride and she informed me that, "Of course! We have robots that will come out and feed you whatever you want!" Solid work, kid. 

It was a good day.

This picture was from another imagination session, showing Princess, her newborn twin princesses, and her babies' daddy who said "I'm not her husband because she's just too good and special for me." Not in the picture: the troll standing guard at the door to her room to make sure no intruders came for the twins. 



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