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Bikes, Flowers, and Touchy Feely Fans

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

So this is gonna be one random blog post. I've been pretty busy with work but still having a lot of time for fun. I don't have any major stories lately, so this is just a collection of random happenings lately. 
Since moving to the beach, a bike was on my "buy as soon as possible" list. I was determined to not settle for some shiny, new beach cruiser that everyone would have. Rusty, dented, and full of character was my goal. With this unique little 70s child, I think it was accomplished. So meet, Hendrix. 
He took Chomp and I for a nice/torturous ride to the vet the other day. I thought it'd be nice to make Chomp's trip a little more exciting by taking him for his first bike ride but I'll never know if he saw it that way. 
And was willing but I was not to ride to the vet again yesterday for this troublesome cat's fancy vet food. Florida weather at it's finest took me from starting out driving to the vet, deciding I'd survive the lightest drizzle that was happening, checked the weather to make sure it wasn't about to pour, only "25% chance," so I drove back, got on the bike, and it starts pouring. So I surrender my attempt and ride back, get in the car and start driving away... It stopped raining the whole drive there. 

Next investment: raincoat. 

In other news, Lola is in full bloom! Check out this beauty! I'm pretty proud of her. She's the first plant I've had in my adult life without help from Green Thumb Mama, so I hope I can raise her right!
In super random, unrelated news, Roommate, his friend, and I went to the Gator basketball game last night and were in for an entertaining night. And not because of the game. Rather, the bizarrely touchy feely Jacksonville University fans. At first, I just thought, "Oh they just haven't seen each other in a long time" making their overly touching, rubbing, patting, elongated hug normal. Or, "JU must be really homosexuality friendly. Totally cool!" But then every single person greeted each other in this way. Maybe with an added, leg/shoulder grab and rub. Didn't matter the sex. Didnt matter if they had to awkwardly walk across an entire row of crowded people. Didn't matter if they'd just done this same greeting to the last girl/boy. And I'm gathering that it didn't matter if they'd just seen each other in their last class... They were gonna hug and rub it out as if it'd been years since they'd seen their long lost friend. 
Oh and hey, Gators won! 



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