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Food Fridaay

Friday, November 8, 2013

Man this week has flown by! My second week of work went great. I got to work in the boys' cottages this week and it was not as scary as I expected from what the staff were saying. Much like my greyhound bus experience here

It's Food Fridaaay! I just made that up but maybe Originality Advocate Demetri would be (slightly) proud of me. It is still a pic of food but maybe the recipe share helps. Hope so.  


I've been bad at sharing some of my favorite paleo meals on here, so here's one that I've made twice already in the last couple weeks and it makes like 5 meals... For like $6! (Assuming you have the basics). So that's a lot of buffalo chicken pasta meals! It's funny because I used to hate spicy things, particularly BUFFALO things. But for some reason, of all my meals on Pinterest, this was the one I decided to execut. I'll just write it off as one of my decision making processes where I choose something completely strange or that I simply haven't liked before. (If you've ever gone to dinner with me you've probs witnessed this weird trait of mine). Maybe I'm subconsciously making myself try new things... Maybe I just freak when given so many choices and just randomly point a finger and be done with it. Who knows. I'll end my tangent on turning a food choice into deep life insights and give you the dang recipe

If you try it, I hope you enjoy! If not, at least enjoy your Friday. And eat a pizza I've been craving all week for me. 



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