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High Five for Friday

Friday, November 1, 2013

It's the first of November, people! Insert obligatory "How is it already November?!" statement here. The blessings have kept coming and am excited for the weekend. I hope everyone had a fun Halloween and good week! Here are my high fives for this week, linking up with Lauren Elizabeth for HF4F. 

1. An awesome first week at work, building great relationships with several girls, and the complete joy of hearing a girl that was previously suicidal say she's "happy to be alive." I'm unbelievably excited to be doing this work and seeing the changes in these kids' lives. 

2. One of the best Halloween celebrations I've had in all 24 years of life. I could make it sound even wilder than it was by writing about starting off drinking wine out of the bottle, not breaking our Irish Car Bomb Tradition at an Irish bar, and making friends with some Front Porch Sitters on my walk home... But I should also mention that it was only like half a glass of wine left in that bottle, I only did half the ICB, and was walking home before 12am. And made it to work at 7am the next day! Growing up. Ps, I was the royal baby AKA Prince George. It was my favorite costume I've done, but sadly no one got it. Oh, my parents? They were too busy ruling a country to come out...

Candids/"failed" pictures are the best. 
3. The dang sky gets a serious high five. It's making my morning walks and nighttime runs on the beach cherished parts of my days. And finally going full on barefoot running! 

4. Cool days calling for open windows. Plus hazelnut and blueberry coffee deliciousness. High five, Publix BOGO!  
5. Plans to see some cool kids this weekend and hang out in an RV. 



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