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Best. playtime. ever.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

So my new favorite playtime I've maybe ever experienced in the history of my child care happened the other day at work with my Special C that we're calling Genevieve.

It started with a classroom scene with my girl using teddy bears as babies and I was the teacher. Normal enough, right? But with this girl, the scenes quickly and drastically change. I guess it wasn't so normal though, even at this point, with me offering number puzzle pieces for lunch. "Threes were the best." Then came the fingers (from the hand) for our protein.
Then it was my turn to be the kid and she the teacher. Then she became my mom.

... Then she turned into a puppy and I was to walk around and find her and adopt her. (She likes to dictate what happens in our playtime. Like "say 'oh how I wish I could see a ballerina fairy princess!'" ... Then to my luck there's a ballerina fairy princess right in front of my eyes!) I try to push my own creativity in as much as possible though and challenge her dictations. 
So I pretended to drive around and stumbled across this dog... A pit bull chihuahua mix. After some discussion about whether I wanted to adopt a dog that growled at me, the puppy turned nice, and I called my "invisible mom" to see if I could keep her. 

Somewhere in there, we were both puppies, then I wanted to be a flamingo (so I wouldn't mess up my pants) but she wasn't having it. So we decide on cheetahs in AfricaThen I was the human and was going to keep the cheetah as a pet (as long as I didn't wind up one of those people on animal planet that thought they could trust a cheetah and wind up dead). Cheetah went missing at one point, so I searched all through the mountains (the couches) and eventually found her napping in a canyon (the beanbag).

I decided Cheetah and I were gonna move to Antarctica, so we started packing up and shopping for winter clothes. Then we found Cheetah's long lost mom! After discussing whether Cheetah would stay with her Mom or come with me to Antarctica, we decided to keep the whole fam together and bring Cheetah's mom along too! 

On the flight to Antarctica, Cheetah started falling out of the plane! Luckily, I was able to save her with a rope and pull her back up. She tried to fall out of the plane again but I said it was impossible because the plane locked us in. 

Somehow, she switched to being a Princess Ballerina Fairy (a common occurrence). I did the "oh I've always dreamed of seeing a PBF!" bit and there she was! Lucky me. I was then dubbed as a mermaid (also common) and instructed that I was to be in danger in the water and a shark was attacking. There was a flaw in that plan though, with the fairy who couldn't swim trying to save the mermaid... So I wound up saving HER from the shark. But the "mermaid couldn't save her" for whatever reason, so naturally, I turned into a Super Savior Octopus and grabbed her from the shark's grasp. 

Then I had to hide from the evil princess and queen (who always show up in playtime.)
I told her I was ready to move to another land with no more mean queens and princesses. 

This was all within like 30 minutes too. By the end of that day, I had gotten into a little funk and not knowing why I was feeling down, but a coworker brought up this playtime, and I got to fully laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Another coworker even fell out of her chair from laughing so hard. 



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