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Today's Gratitude

Friday, January 17, 2014

Lately I've been grateful for my new creative spirit at work. For future blogging purposes we'll call her Genevieve (her favorite name to be while playing). My favorite playtime ever, that resulted in a coworkers falling out of her chair from laughter is fully discussed here. 

Last week never got the glory it deserved so now it gets it's mention. 
I got to hang out with a friend from elementary school on Saturday. 
And had a lovely Sunday that began with a 14 mile bike cruise with The Roomie. 

This Sunday proceeded to a serendipitous night, running into Meryl and Chad in St. Augustine while admiring this moon scene. 
Which was the beginning to a great night seeing the Nights of Lights in this beautiful city... Even if my food decision was a bust, it did cause for a lot of funny conversation about bacon. Throughout the night, we convinced a bartender to change a tv from sports to the Golden Globes, picked out all our "dream pieces of artwork" that were conveniently at this strange studio, and warmed sneakers on heaters. 

So many lights!
Having a nice, relaxing Monday with Leslie Love and enjoying some delicious paleo apple muffins (recipe) and a lovely biking evening. 
And getting the excellent news that eggs aren't the heart attack devils they were once thought to be. 



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