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Sunday Afternoon in Zürich

Sunday, October 14, 2012

  Yesterday I decided I was going to have a proper Sunday with church at one of the three great churches, brunch, and a walk around the lake. So this morning I woke up with plans to attend a church service at Grossmünster. As I was cutting it close on time, I wound up choosing Fraumünster instead since it was closest to me. It was a really unique experience attending a service in such a magnificent cathedral and especially in a different language. The organ was definitely the best part of this service. The last song actually gave me chills it sounded so beautiful and powerful. I'm really glad I made it to this service. The one thing I felt was a little disappointing though was there wasn't much interactions between the people... No saying of the peace, communion or visitor introductions.
  After church I hoped to find Sprüngli, which I read was the best place for sweets and popular for Sunday brunch. I didn't know where it was so I just started walking and there it was! Just feet away from the church! From the advice of a Swiss man next to me, I didn't go with the recommended gipfeli from my tourist book. I, instead, got an apple cake called an apfelkuchen and a coffee. A nice Russian lady next to me, that was visiting just for a day, told me I had to get a box of their macaroons. An excellent recommendation, as they're probably one of my new favorite things. They're like mini cakes of heaven. (pictured below). I got them to take to Pascal as a thank you, but I, of course, had to try one... Or two.
  After relaxing there for a while I went for a really nice stroll by Lake Zürich. I lucked out again with the weather today with none of the expected rain. Enjoyed some people watching too in a little park. Main observation? Little kids in their winter gear are so adorable.
Sunday Brunch
By Lake Zurich
delicious heaven cakes



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