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Mischa, Metros, Meat, and Mishaps

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

After a full day of celebrating Christopher's birthday...
We had Mischa's going away party at good ol' Charlie's. 
So many people came out, with everyone in good spirits. 
Mark, one of the English bartenders, played his cover songs with his country accent that I later told him to ditch. 
Eventually, we moved to The Viking, where we got special treatment and could stay after hours... At least I think that's what happened. 
We added a Danish Maria and a cool Polish girl, Ewelina, to the group of friends. 
 Climbed through Mischa's windows (mainly for the effect) at 7:30am 
Conclusions: Copenhagen is great so far. I've met so many awesome people already, and even at 5am, this city is still well alive with people on the streets.

The next day...
 we met up with Anne-Lise for a chill day at Christiania
Followed by a very entertaining night ride (extra thanks to Christiana), sitting in the front of the Metro. We felt like little kids on a trippy roller coaster.  
Found the coolest playground with futuristic, light up, talking jungle gyms, crazy spinny things you had to hold on to for dear life, and other super intense rides. 
Ended the night with tire swing chillin and shooting the shit about life. 
I'm so so glad I met Mischa, and am definitely going to miss her. I'm glad I'll get one more weekend with her though, for my birthday before she goes back to South Africa!

This week...
I started  my language class on Thursday! Excited about that.
 I've been in and out of bumville with gloomy weather and the stressful job. Gotta keep exercising for the endorphins and relief, and remember the great opportunities that come with this job.
Checked out the Meat Packing District (the hip part of town) with Rachel, Maria, Jennifer (a new au pair from California). Yay new friends!
 We did see the hippest people at Jolene.
Got a reading from a magic 8 ball mirror... I believe mine said something about paddling my canoe. Not really sure. 

On Sunday I
attempted to meet Maria at the Coffee Collective, a new cafe for us...
without a phone
with bad directions
THREE Coffee Collectives instead of just one to walk into and ask "have you seen a girl with pink hair lately?" With no luck at any 
in new shoes
with no socks
resulting in massive blisters
walking around town like a T-rex, hoping no one would spot me
Bought socks and band-aids at Tiger (the Danish dollar store equivalent),
putt em on outside the store and it started raining.
Considered going back for umbrella but figured I'd just embrace the bad luck. 
Decided to head over to Charlie's at 6pm, by myself, looking like a loner alcoholic at the bar.
I finally found Marc and laughed about my ridiculous day. 
Eventually managed to meet up with Maria,
almost lost my cell phone
and ended the night getting stuck in the crossfires of an 18 year old birthday on the train... successfully dodging the puke.
Me, Mischa and Maria; Maria and Maria(top right); and Cjenga, Anne-Lise, me, Mischa, Maria, and Ewelina in the back!
Maria, Ewelina, Anne-Lise, and Jen



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