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Christopher's Fødselsdag

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

  So I'm about 3 weeks behind now and so much has happened. For Christopher's birthday, we went to this Frilandmuseet which is like a 5 minute bike from the house, where they took houses from all over Denmark and all different time periods and reconstructed them here for everyone to see. It was so interesting seeing how differently they lived, both in different times as well as for different statuses. Some were from the rich and some the poor, so you'd see some where FIVE people lived in a tiny one room building and some with fancy dresses and china. We had a picnic lunch and rode a horse carriage to see the large amount of ground we didn't cover. This museum was huge.
  Back at the house, we had afternoon tea, coffee and cake, and I actually made apple crisp which turned out great! A successful meal or dessert is always rewarding. I had made chocolate chip cookies with m&ms as well that I'd made the night before for their Disney Sjov. Everyone loved those. People going back for seconds is the best.
  After sitting around the table for a while, I was very surprised as I was vegging out, getting cuddles from Clara and Christopher on the huge beanbag, when they started preparing MORE food. I couldn't believe we were really about to eat dinner. It made me think of how dad and all of us always joke about when we have a big meal and mistakenly think "oh I won't need to eat the rest of the day." But this time it was true. I could hardly eat at dinner. I don't know how they do it and stay so skinny. It was a really nice day but I was exhausted. Preparing  for hours the night before, going out with Rachel and some friends after, then this all day event, then out again! But I wasn't gonna let it that stop me from attending Mischa's going away party!
        So I helped clean everything up and finally headed out... Not even taking a shower. The proceeding parties to be in the next post.
Fødselsdag (foo suls day): birthday.
Clara Louise and Faba, the family friend



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