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So Long, Switzerland

Thursday, October 18, 2012

  It's my last day in Zürich and I'm writing this as I lay out on a bench in a park that I stumbled upon with a great view of the city. The weather is the best it's been the whole trip so I'm enjoying the sun!
  Yesterday I had a super lazy day consisting of many hours spent in Starbucks updating this blog and catching up with people back home. I also went on a boat tour around Lake Zürich and wish I'd done the four hour one instead of just 90 minutes. It wound up just being a nice nap on a boat, waking up sporadically to nice views.
  After the boat tour, I had to go back to Sprüngli to get some truffles someone recommended... 6.50 francs for FOUR baby truffles. They were delicious but dang.
  To kill time before going back to Pascal's, I went to the river at night and am so glad I did. It was so pretty. I just at on a little ledge by some steps by the water. Really nice.
  Making it back to Pascal's I finally got to meet his fiancé who's also really nice, and we watched How I Met Your Mother! They had catching up to do on it and I was SUPER behind. Lily and Marshall have a baby!
  So here I am, at this park until two before meeting Pascal for lunch before flying back. This has been one heck of an adventure. When I came with such few plans expecting things to just come up, I had no idea this much was ahead of me. I met so many awesome people, saw so many beautiful sites, did so much site seeing and touristy stuff along with local things, experienced church in a different language, milked a cow and worked on a dairy farm, hitchhiked, tasted so many delicious treats, and just experienced so much.
         The people I met along the way have been some of the most amazing parts of this trip. I mean first, all of my hosts have been amazing, introduced me to friends, took me home to their family, offered me, a stranger, a place to stay and offered so much hospitality. Then on the street, I encountered so many nice people, happy to help with directions, show me the way, give me recommendations, or just happy to talk to me at cafés, and even wind up going for a walk around the lake with me... you name it. Then of course, the people willing to give a stranger a ride. Oh, and I didn't mention Claus, a really nice guy I met at the airport from CPH to Germany who helped the four hour layover go by much quicker. It's just been amazing how many great people I've encountered on this trip. Hopefully I can keep in touch with some, but for all the others, I'll always remember the kindness and company they offered.
     HUGE thanks to everyone who helped make this trip incredible, for sharing a bed/ride/food/directions/recommendations/friends/family/experiences/socks... And special thanks to my hitchhiking drivers for not stealing, raping, or killing me. And my couchsurfing hosts for the same. Appreciate it.
                                                 It's been unreal. Until next time, Switzerland.



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