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Min Fødselsdag

Monday, October 29, 2012

  It's been a while since I've written again but have had a pretty busy couple of weeks. Last week, Claus was out of town from Monday until Thursday so I had a lot more time with the kids which was really nice. That whole week I felt like I was much more of an au pair than I have been; a lot of times I feel my main job is cleaning and don't get as much time with the kids as I expected. But it was so much fun and more fulfilling as well getting to take Christopher to school one day, pick up the two little ones from school another and make breakfast for them with just me, pick up Eva Kirstine from a play date another night... A lot more time with the kids. It's always nice getting Eva Kirstine by myself too, because like I mentioned before, she's usually more standoffish than the others, so when we get to have fun with piggy back rides, playing as ghosts and animals on the way home, making attempts at English and Danish conversation, and just goofing around in general is so nice. She was extra sweet today too. 
  Most of the other festivities I need to catch up on are my birthday festivities. On my actual birthday weekend, I had gotten back from Switzerland on Thursday around 8, at which I got a text from Maria to come out. Soo with backpack and all, I headed straight from the airport to where else buuuut.... Charlie Scott's! Haha we met several people out there and st chilled for a hit until Mischa finally made it out. This was her official last weekend before going back, to South Africa. :(
  We got pretty tired so I headed back a little early... I had a full day of cleaning ahead of me! 
  Since the family was out of town for the weekend, I slept in until 11 before starting my cleaning day... On my birthday. But it wasn't so bad and Lotte took off a couple of the extra tasks for my birthday. So that was nice. I was able to finish around 5 and went over to Rachel's for a bday dinner with her family... Not a planned dinner or anything but it was just nice to have dinner with them. Her kids are absolutely adorable too. Sometimes I feel like they love me more than mine because Clara and Faba are like constantly saying my name, singing to me, wanting to play, or wanting hugs. I think mine are just more reserved... More Danish. Haha they actually do speak less English and don't listen to as much American music as her kids... Maybe that's it. 
  Anyway, we had "burning love" which was just mashed potatoes with bacon, onions, and beets. How could that be filling right? Just like that rice porridge being surprisingly hearty, this filled us all up too. Clara had made me a little heart design and a rock with a heart, glitter and tape... And yes, the tape was part of the art so I couldn't take that off. They were basically constantly singing "happy birthday" to me. 'twas fun hanging out with them and it was soon time to go out. 
  Into the city we went to meet Maria and Jen and try out some new places. So we tried a place called the Rosengården, like that place I ate at in Zürich(!), then the Moose. Both were pretty cool, chill places, with lots of graffiti and foosball at The Moose, and a cozy, local feel at the first.  
  What could possibly be next but Charlie Scott's? So we went there and I think ended the night there. Possibily after trying somewhere else that failed and heading back to our one and only, where we got to play jenga and have super delicious strawberry drinks. We said our last(for now) goodbyes to Mischa that night too. Miss that girl already. 

Our jenga game. And Eugene. 

  This weekend was just full of good times, looking back at it. On Sunday, waking up to a super beautiful day outside, Rachel, Maria, Jen and I all met up at Dyrehaven. After a difficult time finding Jen in this huge park, we finally rode around and got to enjoy the beautiful fall trees and weather until finding a nice little hill to relax. This herd of deer came so close to us at one point. Was pretty cool. We rode on up to the castle too so they all could see, and saw a really cool site. Looking down from the castle, you could see so many people running around, having picnics, flying kites, and taking in the nice weather, and then TONS of deer in the fields afar. I was in disbelief at how many deer there were. Maria and I talked about how it's really an interesting place because it's such nice nature yet there are so many people there that it's almost touristy, but somehow it keeps from reaching that commercial, touristy nonsense. Instead of humans coming in and taking over, it's just humans coming in and enjoying the nature as it it. 

The herd movin on in. 

The view from the castle. All those specs in the back... Yeah those are deer. Riding along side of the field was crazy looking over and seeing a field just filled with deer.

  After a while of discussing how excited we were about Thai food, and concluding that we were not in Sweden, Rachel, Maria and I were off to fulfill our need for Thai. Maria and I said how we'd decided about this Thai food place right when we woke up. Haha This place was not a disappointment. Mom and Dad, I'm definitely taking you here when you come. It may have Ayuttaya beat! :O 
  The four of us discussed a possible outing to the meat packing district, (which we will call MPD from now on to make life easier), but when Rachel, Maria, and I got back to my house we were too content on our "fat boy," with our ridiculously good hot chocolate, blankets, ice cream, and BLOCKBUSTER movie to go out... Or even to move to Rachel's when we found the DVD player was missing. Haha so we just found a silly Hugh Grant movie on tv and eventually passed out. What a nice, relaxing day! 
  Now, onto this weekend where the birthday festivities continued. This weekend was time for my family's celebrations. So on Saturday morning, after actually turning in early from a still crazy Friday night, I was woken up by Eva Kirstine and Clara Louise singing happy birthday to me. I went upstairs to find the traditional birthday rolls, cake, Danish flags, along with some American ones, and presents too! For some reason I didn't really expect the whole bit but I got it! So we had our nice breakfast and opened presents before Claus and Eva Kirstine had to go to a cooking class. They got me really nice running gear for the cold weather! Definitely something I needed. 
  In the afternoon, Lotte, the kids and I helped make the traditional lagkage, or layered cake, which could be described as layersnof angel food cake with peaches and bananas (our choice), a vanilla type cream, and chocolate on top. This!: 
And it was delicious

 As most of you Facebookers have seen, we got our first hail this day too. 
And for all you mysterious, non Facebookers that are reading my blog:

Maria and Rachel came,over to join for afternoon rolls, cake and coffee. We went down to my room to watch a movie, but once again, cuddled up on our Fat Boy with blankets and a movie, it quickly turned into nap time. I made our dinner for the night and made my favorite brown sugar, balsamic glazed pork tenderloin (http://www.candcmarriagefactory.com/2011/01/brown-sugar-and-balsamic-glazed-pork.html) halfway in the crockpot until I think it was fried from the wrong converter, roasted garlic zucchini (http://www.thegingeredwhisk.blogspot.dk/2012/06/garlic-roasted-zucchini.html), boiled potatoes and salad. Was pretty delicious if I do say so myself. 
  It was such a good day and I'm so thankful for all they did for me. It felt really nice to be given the full Danish birthday treatment! 
  That night, we attempted to go to a house warming party, but got all the way out there and considered going back right when we got off the train we were so tired. We got ourselves to at least stop in for a bit though. After meeting some people I'd already met a couple times, Ewelina doing funny dances in an apron towel, some delicious homemade pizza that was still necessary even after a day of eating, and barely being able to stay awake, Rachel and I finally bit the bullet (?) and called it a super early night and headed home. So early that it confused Lotte and made her think it was another break in or something. 
  It's nights like those when a bed, sweatpants, and fuzzy socks are all I want. 
  Now here we are today... An ordinary Monday. But some fun fall festivities are in store with Rachel that I'm excited about. And for Halloween, since the kids are missing it for swimming, I'm going to make them these treats if all goes as planned! (Rice krispies)

Oh, Pinterest. 

 Farvel for nu! 
"Bye for now."

Oh! Here's a picture of the beautiful scenery I'm blessed with on my run! :)
Is that a picturesque fall or what? Loove autumn here



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