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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

 Aah Dyrehaven...
   I got a sense of peace just thinking about this place... This Sunday afternoon, after waking up to sunny skies outside my window, I was eager to enjoy it. I had my mind on Dyrehaven, so I cycled off to check this place out and eventually met up with Anne-Lise. When I got here, I entered the forest and was amazed from the start. It's a huge area where deer were originally fenced in by some king in the 1600s to have a "royal hunting ground." Now it's a place for people to go to walk, bike, run, picnic, and enjoy the wildlife. There are deer everywhere. You'd see them right on the side of the paths nearly close enough to pet. It was so bizarre to me. You'd see deer running through the beautiful meadows with plants flowing with the colors of autumn. It was soo nice.
  I biked around and found the castle in the middle of the forest, then continued to the water I could see from this hill. I walked down these spiral steps covered in more colors of autumn, and just took in the beautiful scenery, sounds, and weather near the ocean with Sweden in sight.
  I then went to meet Anne-Lise at the station and we headed back into the forest. After being amazed once again by all the deer, we found a nice little hill to sit on where we could just watch them frolic around and enjoyed the nice day. The only problem was there were no bathrooms around, so we considered "peeing like the deer" but we felt there were too many kids around. Even though Danes are so open about nudity and privacy, the American and French girl just couldn't do it.
  Dyrehaven quickly became a new favorite place of mine. It was just so peaceful, natural, and beautiful all around. The nature was amazing and it's always nice seeing so many people out just enjoying the sun and fresh air. There were kids flying kites and people enjoying picnics and walks through the forest. Another thing that you definitely can't know until you see it.
The castle in the distance, my feet and bike near the sea where you can see Sweden



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