Tuesday, October 9, 2012

    Since I've been here, there have been a slew of mishaps from directional issues, phone problems, key mishaps, and so much more. Just remembering all these blunders can be quite comical/entertaining/eye opening. So here goes.
  My fight with technology seems to never cease. First, when I got here, I went through leaps and bounds to get my iPhone 4 working here... Getting it unlocked, taking it to Apple, erasing everything, biking to and from Lyngby twice trying to fix it, having no phone for a week or so, FINALLY getting it to work to have it stolen right out of my pocket a month later. So I went two weeks without a phone while having a failed attempt at unlocking Lotte's old phone, buying a cheapo one, switching SIM cards a million times, and resorting to buying an ipad during this crisis. I finally find a working
phone from Rachel that I use until I get mom's iPhone 3 in the mail after she upgraded.
  About a week later I drop it in my cleaning bucket.

        A couple days after that, I lose it while I'm out. At this point, I'm so discouraged with myself and technology and luck, and am just so done with dealing with so many mishaps. Especially thinking about possibly going to Switzerland the next week with no phone if the company couldn't get a SIM card to me on time. So stressed. But miraculously, I went back to one of the places we went, barely even hopeful it'll be there, and it WAS!!! So there's one thing of good luck in this post. 

The Keeeys!
  As many of you may have read, there was the incident with the keys... To recap, I left my keys in the house when I was gone to the city. It was a different routine from the usual so I just forgot the keys which got locked in. I was supposed to be picking up Clara Louise from school and bringing her back until Claus came to get her to take her for afternoon tea after Lotte's grandma's funeral. So it's already a stressful time that I don't wanna add any other issues to. So I go to the school to get her... The bike spoke breaks right when I get there. I borrow a stroller from the school. I planned on just playing with her outside until Claus got home. It starts raining on the way home. This of course ruins the playing outside plans, so I run with her to Rachel's house for cover. I didn't have a phone at this point so I used Rachel's but had to text Pernille to get Lotte's number but then had to find Claus' number through an email to alert him where his daughter and au pair were. So he comes to get us, but I wanted to take the stroller back before the school closed so I start making my way and it starts raining again. I run all the way back to the school and Claus ended up going there and giving me a lift back. All the while I also had milk sitting outside at the house. Luckily it's pretty safe to do that in cool Denmark... Aside from getting rained on.

  I believe it was just the day before this that I was biking to get the rye bread supply for the family when it started pouring down rain the whole way home.

  Just a couple days before THAT, I took a train to Hellerup (just about 4 stops/6 miles down) to try out a Crossfit gym. I arrive at the station to find the two streets to take are like Rygards and Ryvards Alle... I had just remembered the "R" and the gist of the word, so with one letter difference, I was screwed. So I chose the wrong one. Didn't think I'd make it on time. Decided to just bike the whole way home instead for my exercise. Got POURED on the whole way while I was VERY lost. That's the most lost I've been in the city so far. Hellerup just confuses me. But I made it back. Soaking wet and tired. But still managed to go for a run as well. Proud of myself for that one.
Credit Cards
  What else? My credit cards have given me loads of trouble; My Danish card kept getting locked because I kept doing the wrong pins. My American card took days to figure out how to transfer money to this one... A Visa gift card from graduation wouldn't work internationally, had no 
money for a couple days when it took a week for the transfer to go through from my American account...

  I just don't think my feet are made for shoes. I went through two flats that were miserably uncomfortable. Returned them both (left out that I wore them). Got another pair of shoes. Feet were dying of pain. But they're still cute. Then finally splurged and got some nice leather boots, rain boots, and Vans... Which also gave me those insane blisters during that disastrous day in Nørrebro but just because of my mistake of disregarding socks. And now I have little money for Switzerland... Practically the most expensive country in Europe. Haha

I'm sure this post will be revised with more mishaps throughout my time here. Or life in general. Maybe we'll see improvements as time goes along... #Hopeful. 

                              My wishing didn't seem to do much good in the luck department...
              Since October when I originally posted this, here's (my best recollection of... As my memory is obviously not the best) more mishaps that have happened in the last 4 months... (2/26/13)

               Mentioned in another post, there was the incident where I left my purse at a rugby match. Luckily someone picked it up for me but I couldn't get a hold of them til the next day so I was moneyless, phoneless, and keyless so I was kinda stranded. Luckily, Bogdan, on the first day of meeting him lent me a place to stay, money for buses, and helped me get it all sorted. 

               My fight with technology CONTINUED when I bought another iPhone a couple months ago from a dude from a Craigslist type website... I just really missed my iPhone 4 I guess. The day after getting it, it cracked while in my purse before I could even buy a case. Then a couple days later, with a case on, I dropped it and the case proved worthless so now both the front and back were cracked. A couple weeks later, the sound gets an issue that would cost more to fix than to buy a new phone. So essentially I just had a phone I could use for texting, Internet and crappy pictures (the 
shattered back had a slight effect on the camera. :( ) 
              However, I didn't have much longer with this phone anyway as it was stolen right from under me at a restaurant where I'd JUST gotten pictures of  Stonehenge. Ah! Lost all my pictures from London so this guy could get a crappy, broken iPhone. My fight with technology SERIOUSLY doesn't end. Surprised my iPad's still going strong. Knock on wood. 
           One of the saddest losses was getting my bike stolen about a month ago. So sad. Luckily Sune has lent me one of his to ride. :)
            Forgot my keys at Sune's one night so I had to sleep on the steps outside for an hour until the family woke up. 
            If this counts as a mishap, if not it's at least misfortune, I've been halfway crippled since I ran my half marathon where I hurt my leg. So that's sucked. Especially coming at a time when my bike was stolen and being broke so either painfully walking or taking expensive buses, taxis, and trains, AND at a time I had a trip to the UK where I could hardly walk to explore London. :(

         NOW, on my way to meet Jen for lunch, I left my nicest jacket on the stinking train. I tried multiple things to try to retrieve it but no luck yet. Hope and pray and send those best wishes, positive thoughts, good karma, and magic my way that someone turns it in. 

         I've also lost probably 5 pairs (or singles) of gloves, including a pair of Sune's. :/      




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