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Some Self Lovin

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

You know what? I realized that, though I have so much single time, and I do enjoy solo exploring, I actually haven't been treating myself to it as much as I should. My solo Sunday exploring was beyond lovely, I've added several routines to my days to show myself appreciation, and am trying my best to appreciate this "independent time I have." But there's definitely still more I can do.

When a friend canceled our river date plans the other day, I just ended up running errands... I totally could've still gone and had a solo day at the park. 

I think I'm pretty awesome. To the extent that I don't understand how my awesome dude has not come around and discovered this yet. I had been getting bummed that I don't have a guy to do all the romantic, fun things I want to do. But I'm not gonna let that keep me from doing these things. 

So until that day comes where I get my Partner in Adventure, I'm going to enjoy my time and still do just what I want. With no second opinions, no canceled plans, no wondering if they're as excited about the plans as I am, or what their expectations are... Noneathat!

I know what I love. I know what my expectations are, and also the openness to changes. I know I'll appreciate myself for whatever plans I do with myself. 

So I will open myself up to more opportunies. If I want to go somewhere new? I'll go somewhere new. Even if I don't have a dude or an available friend to come with. I don't need to wait around for someone to take me there... To do something I wanna do. Silliness, y'all. Silliness

So yesterday, I went to Memorial Park,
my favorite, near the sweet area of Avondale where I've been working lately (and not taking enough advantage of!) Shame. 

Took the journal, arts, ideas and open mind and heart, and had a little picnic.  On my way in, I stopped to talk to a sweet lady with a sheltie (always gotta pet shelties when I see em after Dolly, the best dog ever). But she used to be a teacher so we shared a lot of stories and laughs about our experiences. Then she, or her pup really, led me to the chance to meet another adorably happy, corgie pup and his owner. Just from one decision I met two people and their pooches!

So anyway, for now, I'll be dating myself and enjoying the heck out of it. This reminded me of MacKensie's post. I can definitely relate.



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