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Local Friends

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last night's slightly bummy mood was quickly turned around after a Dip in the Sea, followed by some Observing in the Sand. I smiled at the tough looking high school/college kids playing hand slapping games we'd play as kids in line at Disney. (Cousin Lindsey! ;) ). 

I also spotted a homeless (which we're now calling LOCAL from now on) man dancing away in the sea. I laid there for a while, remembering that night months ago that I ran passed him by the pier. He brought a smile to my face then, watching him dancing with so much joy. I contemplated stopping to tell him this simple fact of the joy his joy spread, but I kept running, immediately with regret but not enough conviction to turn around. 

After another time, seeing a Happy Go Lucky old man shoveling away in the sand, building what looked like a giant moat, (but rooms said was probably him burying his wife), and letting that interesting Character Conversation pass too, I vowed to never let that happen again. 

It still took a little conversations in my head, but I got the gusto and just found myself pushing myself up, heading toward the man. 

Willis was his name. He's been here for 6 years, staying up and down the coast. He gets his exercise dancing in the sea and has "learned how to run with the waves." 

We talked for a little bit and a couple more guys came and greeted this friendly man. 

I was excited to have found the person I'd been waiting for to share some gift cards with, so I asked if he was a fan of Subway. "Do you have any coke?" Was his reply. 

"No, but I'm sure you can get some at Subway!" I replied. Only now did I realize the humor in if he was actually referring to cocaine. I'm sure not though. 

I came back with the gift cards and a lemonade that he was so excited about. 
"We didn't have coke, but we have lemonade, if that's cool!"

"Oh, lemonade is my flavor!" 

He gulped that down with a smile in his eyes. 

See you around, Willis. 

Local: much more appropriate term for people without a physical home of four walls. The beach could still be their home. It's just different. 



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