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Drinks, Discoveries, and Dipping

Sunday, July 20, 2014

This weekend was one unexpected crazy night after the next. Friday night started with hanging with a new coworker friend, Sarah. We biked over to the bars and laughed a lot at our bikes that were way too big. We needed a sign saying, "we're not hammered, our bikes just don't fit." Our night involved debunking my Foreign Radar Shoe Detector Theory but meeting a foreign looking surfer in the process, meeting a guy that's building merry go rounds in Africa to provide water, assisting in a scavenger hunt, celebrating a stranger's 21st birthday with a fun group of dudes, and making several new friends. 

After this crazy night, I had to work at 8am the next day. Rough. But it was a good shift followed by a not so beneficial nap. Are they ever? I did some domestic things before joining Dana, Martin, and another friend for biking around. Lemon Bar time commenced and ocean skinny dipping plans were made and executed. Twice. Giant cards were played, dancing done, and way too spicy food eaten.  
It was a good night... a good weekend... Of which there are no pictures. Sorry, guys. 

If you haven't gone skinny dipping in the ocean at night, do it. Or anytime really. 



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