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Fourth of July, St. Augustine Style

Monday, July 7, 2014

Making a decision about my Fourth of July plans this year was basically my hardest decision I've ever encountered. I had to choose from family and friends' traditional Lake Weir festivities, celebrating in Infamous Jax Beach style with some old friends and potential to make more, and later had the addition of St. Augustine with Les and Brad to confuse me even more. After more than a week of debating, getting advise from everyone, and setting my GPS to the lake once out of work on Friday, I wound up changing route and decided on St. Augustine. Though the lake is always a good time and I'd be spending with some of the bests and family, the idea of celebrating in a whole new way was too enticing. 

Once Brad and I made it to St. Augustine, I was so glad I chose this. (A statement made several times throughout the night). We met Les and Gabby at Conch House Marina, where they were working/hanging with us til fireworks time. We passed a good friend, Diane, on her way out, who fortunately decided to turn back around and celebrated with us. 

This ended up being such a great fourth. "Sittin on the dock of the bay, wastin time," with Brad and new friends was so appreciated. I got a warmer heart, just from the perfectly joyful on-looker next to me that would literally shake from excitement at every burst of her favorite firework. 
"This is when they start playing Proud to be an American at the fort," said Leslie. 
Commence our rendition of the song, making one of my favorite moments of the night. 
I attributed my hoarse voice the next morning to this instance, plus another belting at a pub, but as Leslie pointed out,
 "Pretty sure we had enthusiasm with every sentence that came out. Haha. BEST FOURTH EVAAAARRRR." 
After the fireworks, we walked cartwheel over the bridge to the British Pub (I'm sure we would've gone to The American Pub had there been one?), continued to White Lion for friends and dancing jigs, and then made The Fort our playground, for some extreme entertainment. Les and I attempted a Fort Invasion but unfortunately that's not as easy as hoped. I continued, convinced that another entrance had to exist. Along the way I fully took on character... 
"Shhh! Don't give me away! I'm a Brit... Or Spanish? I'm not really sure. But I'm invading!" as I alerted the surprise(d) picnickers around the corner.  
"I think it was the Spanish," oh so helpful strangers said. 
"Ok yes! Spanish! I'm just gonna climb this here fort. Don't mind me." (Said with an attempted British/Spanish accent)
"Do you want some encouragents and cheers?"

Apparently the Americans had thought about this climbing the fort tactic and made it out of super painful shells. It was a no go. As was the search for my sandals after said climbing. 

Friends and I were reunited and enjoyed some serious laughs on the grassy knoll by the fort. I was trying to remember some of the awesome quotes or conversations but no luck. 
"OMG I laughed hysterically and remember nothing,
Leslie said, when I hoped she might remember. 

The night wasn't flawless though. This was made certain by the cab drivers that should not be cab drivers. 
It wouldn't have been complete without some misplaced keys, but they were retrieved with ease from the fort. Thank goodness. But these just added to the story of course of this epic Independence Day. 

What better place to celebrate the good ol' USA's birth than growing friendships with some of my favorites, with beautiful marina views, in the Oldest City in America? 



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