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Wildfire, Sally Sue, and Konitchiwa

Monday, September 17, 2012

  Super unfortunately, my phone was stolen two weeks ago... No phone, internet, or camera for over a week... Did this week really happen without proof through Facebook statuses, check-ins, photos, or blog posts? I'll just have to do my best to recall the last week with my good old-fashioned memory.
  The weekend of the pick pocket was a really good one aside from this unfortunate event. Mischa, Maria and I joined forces for another great weekend. Wait, I don't think Maria has even been introduced to the blogging world. This girl is an incredibly funny, pink-haired English lass that we welcomed into our group. I'm so glad this chick has come around to continue the adventures once Mischa very unfortunately returns to South Africa in October.
                                                        These weekends consisted of:
Going out with Mischa and Maria to a comedy show that didn't seem to comedic
Ending up making cameo appearances at Strekkers, a bar with live music and starting the dance party here
Bar hopping around CPH
Chilling outside Billy Booze (captured in the picture below by a reserved Danish dude)
Another day of shopping
Getting this "fish hook" in my nose
    A relaxing afternoon at Christiania by the lake with the M's and watching a football game
Another night out, starting at Studenterhust, a popular bar for international students
Seeing an epic dance show here by ordinary people (not theater kids! a surprise to us)
and Maria joining this awesome dance performance. 
Catching a random dubstep party in the street
Seeing our favorite street singer sing about "not making love in front of the 711"
A poor, lost, cold, English guy trying to find his deserting friends... who decided jumping in the fountain was his solution (as did the 10 people to follow him)
The dreaded pickpocket on the train. I guess even in as safe a place as Denmark, people can still suck. 
To end night on a good note, a rather attractive Dane at my train station, convinced me to share my bike for a rather uncomfortable ride home. Shamefully, with no phone, there were no numbers exchanged. Maybe we'll meet again... And if so, this post will be edited.

  Even when I dread a late, cold bike ride home from the train station, I'm always glad in the end that I biked to the farther station for the extra exercise and the chance to admire the almost always beautiful, starry night sky. Plus it makes sweatpants and a cozy bed a thousand times more appreciated.
Stay tuned for more adventures of Sally Sue, Wildfire, and Konitchiwa.
The three muskateers outside Billy's on our first night out
"bangin bottles"
Christiania graffiti 

Entrance to Christiania
my new "fish hook"



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