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Transformers, Kroners, and Castles

Sunday, September 2, 2012

         In the last week, it seems the main occurrences were shopping, accents, transformers, jokes, and Skype. With the kids, it was a really good week where I felt like I got to get closer to them and had a lot of fun. I picked up Eva Kirstina from school a couple of times and walked with her one of the times to be able to "talk" more. It's fun trying to communicate and play. So we just hopped, raced, and skipped rocks all the way home then had races, cartwheeled, summersaulted, popcorned and all sorts of crazy games on the trampoline.
        Christopher was a wild man the other night too wanting me to throw him over my shoulder, jump over my back and do all these crazy stunts. Clara Louisa keeps being really sweet too and a couple nights when she was reading with Claus, she did the adorable pat beside her to get me to sit down by her. That's always heartwarming.
        On Friday night they have "Disney sjov" night with Disney candy. "Sjov" is pronounced like "show" and means fun. Their idea of candy is quite different... Rather than yummy chocolates or sweet candies, they go for hard, really strong, licorice flavored, or like spicy morsels. One looked like lo mein noodles. To each his own I suppose! But hanging out with them for their Disney night was a lot of fun.
        Saturday, I headed to the city to meet Mischa for some shopping. It turned into an all day event, as did my shopping the day before.We finally took a break and went back to her place to get warmer clothes, and had the most insane Skype conversation ever. We had Mom, Dad, Chris, Pa and Grandma on Pa's computer, Chris got Liesl on his phone, Mom got Matt on her phone, and we had Trudy on the line at some point too. So we were holding up phones to computers, phones to phones, and insane combos of conversations. So Mischa got an entertaining introduction to the "fam!" She was pretty entertained and loved Pa's accent. She also got to see Chris' love for his "American muscles." They apparently "don't have em like that in Denmark."
        But after this amazing spectacle ended, we headed back to the city to meet up with Charlotte and another girl for their goodbyes. This night, we smuggled some Sommersby Apple Cider (so good) and went to a bar called Francis Pony where I'd never been before. Extremely randomly, as we were sitting upstairs, I looked over and saw one of the rugby players I'd met last Saturday. Pretty crazy going to the same bar out of all of Copenhagen. The next morning I even ran into one of his teammates that I'd met last week too! Small town I guess. Mischa and the others got to experience the first of my disappearing Abby act that night, making the title of this blog still appropriate.
         Sunday morning I met Mischa back in the city again when of course, the shopping began... Again. When we finally spent our limit, we went to see the Rosenborg castle. The last two days were filled with so much laughter. Somehow a joke about everything being transformers arose; a little girl became a transformer that would turn into a little jaguar, the grass became a transformer that luckily wouldn't hurt us because Mischa's shoes fooled it into thinking they were clouds and mine that they were flowers so we were both one with the grass... But the Danes... They had to watch out. They weren't as favored. We also learned that Russia is the headquarters for the Transformers and my (good) transformer offspring is what will eventually save us. We chilled by this pond and garden for a while and even Skyped Chris and showed him the castle!
Ridiculous day to say the least. Haha
And that's all for today! :)
Chillin outside Rosenborg

pond outside Rosenborg where Mischa and I stayed for hours
The best carrot cake muffin I had three days in a row
Rubin and I practicing our "Danish buns"



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