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The Land of Legos

Monday, September 17, 2012

  This weekend, I went to Jutland, an area about 3 hours west of Copenhagen, to experience Legoland for Christopher's birthday. We stayed with Claus' parents' house, who are so nice. Their house is one of the most beautiful houses I've seen and is right by the ocean in the countryside.
  Legoland was quite an interesting place, with areas of Denmark, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, and some of the US recreated into little Lego worlds. The Kennedy Space Center was also on display, making me feel "almost at home" as Claus said. There were a lot of rides but none too scary, as Legoland is pretty geared toward the youngins.
  Time spent with Claus' parents feels like scenes you'd read about in novels; Afternoon tea and cake on the patio overlooking the incredible ocean view, playing around on the beach with the little ones, delicious meals followed by more coffee and cake... YES, PLEASE. And all around the house are spectacular flowers from their garden, candles all around, and colorful paintings covering the walls.
  The whole time I was there, I kept thinking of how many paintings could be done to try to capture the beauty of this peaceful place. Hopefully next time I'll be prepared to try to put this place on canvas.
  Another "best yet" was earned by a playground near their house... There was a track with little cars to pedal around, a duck pond with the most colorful ducks ever, a lake with row boats you can rent, and the best actual playground area. Then it keeps going to an area for barbecuing, an aviary, horses, donkeys, and goats to feed, then an obstacle course where Eva Kirstine and I had a little race. I had already said "this is the best playground ever" just at the site of the row boats and car track. I had no idea what else was to come. I felt like a kid again from Legoland to playgrounds!
  One major thought from the last couple weeks: A child's affection, whether it be them holding your hand or even/especially just a finger, cuddling in your lap, claiming you as theirs, or clapping at the site of you are probably some of the most heartwarming things. Besides maybe this video...
                          Since I didn't have a camera, here are some pictures from Google...

those are legos!



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