Little Moments

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

  This is gonna be a collection of random cute things my baby Danes do. There's a good chance it might bore some of you, but it's also for me so I can remember all these little moments. But maybe they can bring you some positive thinking, a smile, or some entertainment.

  Starting with last night at dinner... Christopher started counting to 10 in English. As if I wasn't proud enough that he initiated it and did so well, he then told me it was my turn. As reward for getting them right, I was surprised with 10 kisses.

  Christopher is definitely the most lovey of the kids. I could tell that from the first day when he sat on my lap right away for tv time.

  This morning, it made me happy when Eva Kirstine layed back to cuddle with me too. Then tonight... Christopher came in from swimming lessons very excited to see me and just plopped right down on my stomach while I was watching tv. Kind of like Brantley style. For those of you that don't know Brantley, he's my old puppy who paued no mind to where he was running, where he sat, or how he slept.

  Now Clara Louise... It always warms my heart when she gets her excited, 2 year old smile, sometimes accompanied by clapping and her saying "min Abby." She's a huge fan of peek a boo(name of the Danish equivalent coming soon when I remember it) and feet tickling too. I think she would've done that the whole ride back from Jutland the other day if she didn't need to sleep.

  Also, this morning Clara Louise saw that I didn't set a bowl and spoon for myself at breakfast so she went and set it up for me. Haha

  Oh, the other week, we got to Skype with Pa and Grandma so they got to see the kids doing cartwheels, flips, and hangin off couches. Twas pretty cute and awesome that my grandparents in Alabama got to "meet" my family here.

  While introducing Eva Kirstine and Clara Louise to Fruit Ninja, having one on each side, I went to put my arm around Clara Louise and she gave a big smile then put her arm around my shoulder. SO cute.

  It's the 1st of November and the kids keep getting cuter. Of course, they have their crazy, screaming moments that make me wonder why people have kids, but then moments like these happen... 
  Tonight, when I went in to say goodnight to the kids before going to hang out with Rachel, Clara Louise gave me a big hug and then proceeded to hang onto me and didn't want to let go. After a minute of hugs, kisses, and flips, she brought me to her rug and wanted me to lay down. So I sat down and she brought over a pillow for me. Then she continued to bring me her blanket and tucked me in, making sure my feet were covered, brought me her stuffed animals, and gave me her pacifier, which she made sure I kept in. She then sang me some of the songs her mom sings to her and eventually laid down with me under the blanket. She was so cute, trading out the pacifiers, putting a stuffed animal in my arms, and just staring at me while I pretended to sleep. Reminded me of how Brantley did sometimes (The pup pup). The absolute cutest thing was when she took away the stuffed animal I was holding and put hers away too, to just hold onto me. Ah, the love of a child. 




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