Friday, November 9, 2012

 Home is where the heart isHome is wherever I'm with you
                 Home is where you are.
 Home is where I wanna be.   Home is inside you

Now for the good news I postponed from the previous post for a combination of organization, suspense, and getting the chance to use another cliche...
  After my travels so far, my original thinking that I would be so likely to stay in Europe have changed a little. As I began to realize during my American road trip, and I think I mentioned in my posts about it, it's really important to me to stay close to my family, especially when I have one of my own. So I started thinking that maybe the best thing would be to go and live abroad and explore until wanting to settle down with a family and all. Now these thoughts have become even more clear. Being so far from home has made me realize just how much I love and miss my family, and how I don't want to miss much more of their lives. 
  It's been interesting too because even in Zurich, where I was totally in love with the city, people, and country, thinking about living there seemed unfitting. I just felt like no matter how awesome the place, I wouldn't have my friends and family close enough to ever make it feel like homeIf only your friends and family could move with you right? 
  What kind of surprised me was the tinge of homesickness for the USA that I strangely felt. I definitely never thought I'd say that. I think again, no matter how amazing, beautiful, or exciting a country, nowhere will feel like home as much as where you were raised. Even just having grown up with the history, the culture, the language gives you so much more connection than I think you could get from a foreign country. Sure, you can take language classes, study the history of the place, and immerse yourself in the culture, but it seems like it would never be the same. (Plus that's a lot of work. Haha) And of course, you could absolutely still find happiness and make a happy home wherever, but it still seems like there'd always be missing something... 

  So, come July, I'll be home at least for Amanda's wedding, hopefully Lindsay's in June, then likely....
Staying in the States!!!
Buut,  of course, you can never know for sure. ;) 

Now for two of my favorite songs about home...
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros- Home 

 Jason Mraz- 93 Million Miles 





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