Turning 24

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oh hey, I also had one heck of a birthday last weekend. It started with house hunting with Amy in Jacksonville on Friday. We got a quick beautiful view of the beach and a tasty lunch in San Marco before heading back to Gainesville for the night. 
That night, we went to a Halloween party rocking some Dispicable Me themed costumes. It was a fun night with a great crowd. 

Had birthday breakfast with two of The Bests. Great start to the day. 
Finding convenience out of inconvenience, my mistake that Chelsea's babyshower was on Saturday when it was Sunday just allowed for more time with Charlyn. And me forgetting my wallet in Ocala worked out due to several "it's your birthday! I got you!"s. 

It was so good to see Charlyn after way too much time apart. We indulged in some serious over stuffing of our faces at Reggae Shack. Go there. Just do it! Right after turning down a delicious looking dessert because we were too stuffed... we finished off our fries. When the waiter came back around about dessert, we learned it's free on your birthday. So we had to get it. We may not have had to add the ice cream but Charlyn threw that on there too. Why not? Gotta get the full experience. We then finished our dessert plate. Charlyn couldn't even keep a straight face as she asked if I was gonna finish mine. 
Then a fly drowned in our sugary goodness. Would've been a happy death if we hadn't drowned it in water in our attempt to save it. Woops. 
One last bite!
We finished that day off with the crowd from the night before, dancing with randoms making presumed fox noises with/at them, and making ridiculous new jokes about lizards and key lime pie that have forever changed my views on these things. It was really fun hanging out with some old Ocala buds I never really had before. And gained some that live in/near Jax! 

Then ended the weekend on a baby shower for Chelsea, whom I hadn't seen in like two years! It was so great seeing my beautiful friend and sharing excitement about her growing family. 

And finally a birthday dinner with the parents and Mark and Denise (MAD), with delicious orange crunch cake thanks to Super Baker Julie. Then I was out by like 8. 

Last year I was celebrating with new friends in Switzerland and Denmark, this year I spent it with some of the best old friends. It was a good one. 



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