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Chompin at the bit

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Where's Abby now?
Feeling ridiculously blessed sitting on my new front porch steps from the beach. Update time?! I was offered a job in my field that I'm super excited about. I'll be starting as a residential counselor at a great children's organization in Jacksonville next Tuesday. I finished all my paperwork on Wednesday so I've been extremely enjoying this free time before work starts. You might think "she's been unemployed for like four months, how much more free time does she need?" Not so. That was so stressful and just plain not fun. But patience pays off. Turning down job offers may have seemed like a bad idea, but I'm glad I kept trying for what I wanted. Sorry, Dad for prolonging that period! ;)

But I got the job, found a place to live, and am so excited about what's happening. I mean, this week I moved in with a roommate and his cuddly cat, Chomp (go Gators!), in a little apartment in Jax Beach. The place (plus the older man roommate found on Craigslist situation) didn't get immediate Mom Approval, but dude seems cool and they got me a lock for my door for the latter issue, and I'm putting my womanly, former maid touches on the place and it's coming along quite nicely. Plus it's right by the beach. Totally worth it. 

(More pictures of the place when it's all done!)

You could say I've been fully enjoying the beach life. Julia Hulia and I got to catch up the other day over a walk on the beach (super classy with some wine in budlight cups), tried a new restaurant, and got pumped about being together again... We had a lot of withdrawal this last year+. 

The other night, my feet and the beach were my mode of transportation to my friends' from which we biked to go out. You have no idea how happy I am to be back to walking and biking. 
Super sunset selfie  

I've been enjoying lots of front porch meals, had morning coffee on the beach before a run, and am super excited about having some sunrise coffee soon. 
Oh hey, Chomp. Thanks for the head rub. 

So things are lookin pretty good right now. 
Happy weekend, everyone! Come visit me! :)



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