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State of Mind

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Run River North: My new obsession right now. I mean listen to that voice!
So, I finally had a night of not only realistic, practical thinking, but I also finally got back to my dreams, values, and opinions. For a while there, I felt like I didn't have a strong preference to any option and lost sight of what I even wanted. I'm still not 100% set on one goal (which is not my way of thinking anyway, as I've learned that just makes disappointment so likely). But I do have a better idea of what I want, how to get it, and where to do it. 

For a while, I was so set on Colorado and wanting to make that happen as soon as possible. But with my economic and job situation right now it was simply not possible. So, I was thinking of just getting whatever job to save and move there ASAP. 

BUT, this monumental, practical, clear thinking set in the other night, and I realized that I need to just go ahead and get grounded here. I actually ruled out the NYC/Chicago nanny option (yep, that was a serious thought), and returned Colorado to my eventual destination but won't be focusing on it. 
  1. I'll work towards my career goals where I am right now instead of postponing them until getting to this more distant dream.
  2. I'll fully enjoy my friends and family that I missed so much while in Denmark and take advantage of this time I have with them. 
  3. I'll work on this whole saving money concept and being responsible.

Although I did see the importance of enjoying this stage and my family while I can, and I even talked about being present here, now I've just realized that it's just not entirely possible with my head in Colorado. Or NY. Or Chicago. Or Denmark. Or wherever else I thought I'd rather be. I'll get there when I get there. 

I'll just be here for now. 



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