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baseball commentary of an impartial fan

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Thanks to a new friend, Charlie, I got to go to the Tampa Bay Rays' playoff game last night! I thought it was my first pro game but apparently the Jacksonville Suns count. I, of course, had to partake in the traditional baseball festivities, indulging in Cracker Jacks, nachos, AND a hotdog. Yeah. Kinda cancelled out my paleo breakfast and lunch.
                                                       Favorite things about the night?
                            1. Getting the best mahi mahi sandwich ever and drinks before the game 
            2. The crazy fans we had surrounding us, making it even more entertaining, a little risque, and quite                                                                                   humorous.
                3. The sarcastic, mixed sports chants like "Blue forty-two!" "Slam dunk!" "Carry!" and singing the                                      soccer song. This, for some reason really amused me.
    4. The crazy Spanish chants and cheers for the Hispanic, and even more humorously, the non-Hispanic                                                                             players up at bat. 
                             5. White girl twerking and motor boating herself at a Rays game. 
             6. The fans dancing on the big screen, especially the Duck Dynasty looking man and the really             enthusiastic guy that kept popping up on there, always with new moves. I tried really hard to find these on                                                                           youtube but no luck. :(
                      7. Singing Take Me Out to the Ballgame felt all nostalgic and American... in a good way.

It's a shame they didn't win, but I still had excitement for the Red Sox getting into the ALDS. And yes, I did just have to Google that acronym to make sure I got it right, and yes, I also had to Google the Rays before the game to check their colors to dress accordingly. 

I got the same phony feeling at the game that I usually have at sporting events. I've never been too much of a "yelling, chanting, shake my pom pom, and beat on chairs" kinda girl. I tried. But I don't think I made it through a whole session of these "intimidating" gestures while the players were up at bat/pitching/whatever. I almost always relieved my pom pom shaking hand soon after I started. Don't get me wrong though, these things don't annoy me in any way and I actually enjoy this part of sporting events. I just struggle with the notions myself. 

I've also never understood how no matter what's going on in a game or who's doing what, the fans' actions are generally the same: Make a ton of noise. I don't think the players could distinguish between our "distracting" or "encouraging" chants. Plus, if it's supposed to distract one player, why wouldn't it be distracting to the one on your own team? Or the same question for if it's amping up the other. I guess it's just all solely for fun, this crazy noise making is. Which it was. And I think I did improve a little by the end of the game. 

So there you have it; the highlights, thoughts, and opinions on a baseball game from a girl who picks her favorite teams by her dream home locations, uniforms, and memorabilia, and her favorite players (basically) on their looks... 
                                                        until I get to know them of course. 

                                               Ah, who are my new favorite teams, you ask?
College football: University of Colorado Buffaloes 
MLB: Chicago Cubs
NFL: San Francisco 49ers
NHL: Vancouver Canucks
Then, of course, Federer will probably always be my favorite athlete in the only sport I actually care about.



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