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Today's Gratitude

Saturday, February 6, 2016

It's been a tough couple of weeks over here. Stressful situations at work, a worrisome diagnoses for our fur baby... The best cure in times like these, is to express gratitude.

 Lately I've been grateful for...
The loveliest day last Sunday, finally executing our Riverside exploring day. An out of this world appetizer and sammy at Biscotti's, strolling all around the sweet streets, and a quick swing and game of fetch by the river made me happier, or at least as happy as our pup with a giant stick.

My goofball babe making me laugh in the midst of my eyeball waterfall the other day.

These sweet critters and morning cuddles.

The precious kids at work weeping with joy from good behavior reports, laughing so joyfully during games of four square, and their wonderfully creative stories. 

This Florida winter that's been gracing us with some nice, colder weather with some warm, sunny days in between. 

Pottery class to challenge me and remind me to forget expectations. Start out with a pitcher plan, switch to mug, then vase, then end with a pile of good slip clay and starting anew with a hand-done coil pitcher instead. 

Getting back to yoga. I've been enjoying the humor more in the cliche humbling experience. One day I verbalized, "That was the best feeling wheel ever," during class, and the next day it was, "Yesterday was my best wheel, today I could hardly get up." 

This little sneak you can't even be mad at. Look at that persistent cuteness.
Sierra really has taken over the spotlight. 
Keep this Funny Foot in your prayers. She's got some mysterious medical things we're trying to solve still. 

What are you grateful for lately?! 



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