Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Biggest confession for today is how the thing that makes me the maddest is forgetting a crucial ingredient in the process of transporting between my and Dylan's houses. Once it was the brown sugar for the chocolate chip cookies. Another time it was the flour for the blueberry muffins. Today it was my healthy leftovers for dinner... Nearly ruined my whole night. I went from a super positive, motivated, healthy mood to a 1 Publix Chicken strip, banana, and cake, I don't wanna do any work, don't wanna watch a movie because I'd feel bad about not doing work Mood.

I'm spending one night away from the pup, for her to have a day with dad tomorrow, and I miss her already. 

I'm terrible at estimating things with numbers, be it wedding, party, or class attendance, amount of chocolate kisses in a jar, or temperature. Today I estimated "it was about 50* outside." This was the reality. 

And it's a short one today, folks, as I'm hitting the pillows at 9:30 tonight. Linked up with Sarah



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