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Galentines Day Brunch

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Somehow when Amy said she "went Trudy O'Connell on our Galentines Day Brunch," I wondered what she could've planned. Clearly I just wasn't thinking. 
Growing up, any occasion my best friend's mom hosted was worthy of a magazine article or Downton Abbey scene. You'd find three kinds of cookies, at least two cakes, maybe a pie or two, rice crispy treats, jello, homemade candies, perfectly decorated tables, trinkets, party favors and all. These party throwing expertise have certainly been passed down to Mrs. Sapp. 

I showed up to an entry table decked out with adorable signs of love and glitter. Walking into the living room, I find a table set with the sweetest rosette tablecloth and tea set. A handmade cross-stitch made by Trudy herself, perfect for the occasion, was found displayed with a book of Shakespeare love sonnets that I attempted to bless the group with later. A chandelier was draped with glittery hearts, the sweetest flowers were bursting in the middle of the table, Valentinesy beads on each chair, and goody bags for each of us with homemade gifts sat near our place setting. She couldn't have done a better job making it perfectly girly and sweet.  

And the food? We had to restrain ourselves from over-stuffing our bellies with heavenly French toast casserole, Christmas egg casserole, and fruit, as we'd be eating pizza later. Some tough decisions had to be made concerning which drinks to fill our adorable floral tea cups and fluted glasses with first: OJ, spiced tea, or coffee? All three were consumed, nonetheless. 

Post brunch, you would've found us sitting on the couch, girl talking for hours, watching our Galentines day inspiration, educating ourselves on our presidential candidates through SNL, and making Taylor Swift's chai tea cookies. Some of our heart-shaped and "I love you" sign language cookies made it back to our significant others as planned.

We completed our food consumption goals at Satchels in our matching pizza shirts. Post dinner, you'd have found us cuddling on the couch, once again. 

Grateful for this incomparable brunch and weekend with these steadfast friends. 

"I lift pizza to my mouth everyday."



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