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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sharing my first "confessions" for a change today, linking up with Sarah.

I confess...
This post has been saved for over a month. Finally committing to it. 

I just wasted a groupon for two months of unlimited crossfit. I mean, technically I still have like a week left, but I don't see it happening. I have been running more and started three months of yoga though, so that's something.

My embroideries have been "saved as drafts" on Etsy forever now. I've said I'm going to do the art walks first and then go more public, but that hasn't happened either. Next art walk! Here's one of em.  My favorite original so far. $18 for this cute little guy! Pubished this one just for you guys! (Or you can just comment/email/whatever so I can ship it to you! :)

At my pottery class the other day, I got excited and proud of myself thinking, "This vase is way better than I remembered! Alriight!" Then my sculpting friend came in and alerted me that it was actually hers. Mine was not at all as smooth or shapely. Big let down.

It took me 7 months to ship sweatshirts back to friends from this hiking trip, and two months for a birthday gift. Mailing things is not my strong suit. I could put it as a "weakness" on my wishful job application

I don't know how I'll ever have children, when dealing with my pup's health has me so emotional and stressed. Cried from worrying about what it is, cried from putting her in the crate the first and second time... Pray it's an easy fix for this sweet Honey Chicken!

I still haven't finished my poem about our New Year's New Orleans trip. SOON!

We thought a pillow decoy would keep this comfy-seeking pooch off the bed... 

I still have my Christmas lights up with no plans of taking them down anytime soon. 

All except some embroidery pictures, Sierra is the main only subject on my phone. I'm becoming one of those dog mamas. So here she is with the pillow decoy. 
 and at the vet 
 and longing to get into my clean laundry
 and being too cool at the beach 
  And lastly, helping with schoolwork



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