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New Orleans New Year 2016

Saturday, January 9, 2016

A little trip to New Orleans?
For New Year's Eve? By all means!
We drove through a street we thought looked rough
I wasn't so sure if my selection was good enough
But "you've reached your destination"
was the GPS's notification
A book in the home called New Orleans' Unfathomable 
We thought it looked like it could be habitable 
With all the character in the French buildings 
We thought we could overlook the increase in killings 
Our tourist selves drank hand grenades and hurricanes 
walking down Bourbon certainly entertains 
We toured the oldest house and learned about D-Day
And how Europeans came to change our sinful, American way
Our bellies were stuffed with beignets, coffee, rice and beans
jambalaya, muffaletta, African, and Japanese
Cafe Rose Nicaud was my favorite place to rest
writing and sipping gingerbread cappuccino was simply the best
Took a trolley to the romantic Garden District
around the beautiful houses and shops we frolicked
This town was even different than expected 
But it was certainly amazing as suspected 



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