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Today's Gratitude

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lately I've been grateful for
A roommate that brings me soup and Gatorade when I'm sick. 
And gives me such an awesome compliment as "she finds the beauty in everyone."

Celebrating a good friend's wedding this Saturday. Even despite the rain, venue mishaps, and glitches they experienced, it was a beautiful, special wedding filled with love and excitement for such a deserving couple.
A ridiculously loving mama that has endured the stress I put her in like a champ, and the heartfelt andtear-filled  conversations that bring us closer together. 

Best friend Leslie and bike cruising to reflect and let go. Or help let go at least.
New nanny jobs with beautifully sweet ginger babies. I love that in adding more work to my life for extra money and something to keep me busy, I also get more joy. This will be a week full of nannying plus work so I'll get back to you about that by Friday. I'll probably be doing one giant High Five just for Friday. 

A new opportunity to develop a new skill and job possibilities with this TESOL course I just bought. Thanks for the awesome deal, Groupon! 

Show some gratitude, friends! It seriously makes what you have enough. 



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