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Nanny Diaries

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I started nannying for several families this last month and it's been so entertaining. I've watched so many kids in such a short time I've had a hard time remembering them all! For just a quick, happy post today, I'll just share some of the funnies from the little ones I've been watching. 

Two adorable red heads I've been watching each week have won a piece of my heart. The oldest (2) is super sweet, repeats everything, and loves doing handstands. His repeating is one of my favorite things. His mom said it can be difficult though when she's trying to figure out what's hurting him and she'll ask "is it your stomach?" He repeats "stomach." "Throat?" ... "Throat." And keeps going.  They are just such kind hearted, easy going babes. 

This 2 year old girl I watched this week is a unique one to me. Instead of just doing typical 2 year old things like swinging and going down the slide, she was content with chillin and walking around the yard too. After counting the trees, she put a towel down in the grass, laid down, and just chilled there, staring at the sky. At this point, I said "this is my kinda kid." I hope mine will be this simple. 
After running around the yard under the parachute, thought it'd be cool for her to swing under it. Then slide through it. I think it was a hit. 

Today, I watched two active boys. When first seeing these 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old boys, I imagined that's how my brothers' dynamic was. With the oldest running wild, racing boats, a little hyperactive, yet still ridiculously sweet, and the younger very mild, going at his own pace, joining in the boat race when he pleased, then going back to his reading or basketball... Also a huge sweetheart. 

Then the rest of the day was filled with laughs from conversations like...

Me: "Preston, where do I put your brother's diaper?!"
Preston: "ooh, I think his backpack!"
Me: "I don't think that'd be too good. Where else do you think?"
P: "The stairs!" 
Finally, he directed me to the trash in the bathroom. 

A lot of the day's entertainment was around racing these boats around the house, stopping to explore the "Hotel City," and catching every possible animal they had. 

I also got a kick out of Preston answering most questions with "it sure does!" Or "I sure am!" 

Lastly, asking Carson when his birthday was and getting "CUPCAKES!" as my answer. 

These sweet boys improved my dreary mood and this rainy day.  
basketball with Carson. 

That's all for now folks. Why don't ya share some of your funny memories with kids?! Let's hear em. 



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