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Brother Chris

Friday, February 7, 2014

Today is my biggest brother Chris' birthday. To continue tradition, I'm writing him a poem. To mix up tradition, I'm taking it old school with this elementary school biography style poem. Wish I was there to celebrate with you, doing silly dances, drinking PBRs/driving around for hours to find em and then not drinking em, and cracking up from your ridiculousness. So grateful for such a great big brother that, even though you may not understand or agree with my hippie ways, you still support, accept, and encourage me. Love you and hope you have an amazing birthday and year ahead! 

Hilarious, unique, hyper
Son of John and Julie, Brother of Matt and Abby
Who loves Liesl, planes, and Buddy and Merlin
Who feels excited about his Baby Chriesl
Who needs water, mountains, and backrubs
Who gives laughs, raps, and love
Who fears hippies, gun control, and getting fat
Who’d like to see everyone in red, white and blue
A pilot for the Air Force
A soldier for Jesus Christ
Brother Chris 
Day trip to the Grand Canyon during Spring Break 2011

Teaching me his swing dancing moves at his beautiful wedding 



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