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Sarasota Weekend

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

    Last weekend, Leslie and I took a much needed mini vacation to Sarasota to visit some friends.
This pup and I walked around St.Augustine while Les got her education on before heading down on Friday. 

 On the trip down, we stopped to eat at an ordinary Panera, and walked out to the patio to find this view. Heathrow Panera, you win. 

We made it to this #1 rated beach in the U.S, but it unfortunately wasn't at its usual beauty, and I not up to par to fully enjoy it. The salt water did its best at healing the effects of the wine. I'm convinced American wine is not at all as friendly or forgiving as Danish wine. 
Our last night involved a ridiculous moonlit sky, a walk around Marina Jacks, and drinks by the water at this tiki bar, O'Leary's
 Before heading out on Sunday morning, we had breakfast at this cute cafe and omelettes that changed our lives. 
(Photo Credit: Leslie)

On the way home, we stopped in Orlando for dinner, chillin, and epic rap music with some good friends. Now I'm waiting for you to share some sounds, Ron Park! Check out Reepicheep until then. 
Pretty solid weekend.



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